Custom designed build to print

With cable or connectors from AMGAB we assemble and deliver custom designed cable assemblies  also with components specified by customers. We are specialists in spiral cables, crimp contacts, MIL-DTL-38999, push-pull connectors, AMP Micro-MaTch  and ODU AMC as well as advanced interconnect systems with many customer specific parts and overmouldings.



Our area of expertise !

Overmouldings provides robust and tailor made mechanical protection for the interface between cable and connectors which generally is the weakest part of an assembly.  With more than 100 mould machines  we cover most technologies  like low pressure with PUR, Epoxy or Silicone, Hot-Melt  for sealing  and high pressure for volume manufacturing  with high quality. We propose and assist in design of the overmouldings and the choice of most suitable technology.

Contact us early in your project for best result !