2 februari, 2016

Low Mass SpaceWire now ESA approved

Reducing the mass of all components, parts and equipment is a continuous objective in the space industry. Already involved in a multitude of space projects, Axon’ has now designed a low mass SpaceWire to lighten traditional high speed links. Since recent approval by ESA, the Axon’ Low Mass SpaceWire is the only one qualified to the ESCC3902/004 standard after Axon’ successfully completed development of the cable under ESA funding.
19 januari, 2016

Cables for extra tough requirements

We now offer enlarged range of products insulated with PTFE, ETFE, FEP or polyimide for needs that have extra tough requirements like temperature resistance from -90°C to +260°C, excellent dielectric and aging characteristics, radiation resistance, extreme flexibility etc. Available in different types including single-stranded, multi-stranded, extruded, taped, shielded or jacketed versions, they will meet all the requirements. Contact our sales team to learn more.
14 december, 2015

Lisa Pathfinder

On 3rd December, the scientific satellite Lisa Pathfinder, LPF, took off from the space base in Kuru on board a VEGA launcher. Its role: to test and validate advanced technologies which will be used for LISA, a mission which aims at directly detecting gravitational wave as predicted by Albert Einstein. Measuring devices which are onboard LPF are extremely precise and connected with high reliability data links made by Axon’ to the MIL-STD-1553 standard. The same kind of harnesses equip the VEGA launcher. For LPF, Axon’ has also supplied ESA cabling wires designed to resist radiation and extreme temperatures. Photo: ESA
30 juni, 2015

Open innovation seminar

On June 18th customers from all over the world attended Axon “open innovation seminar” in Montmirail, France. The day consisted of technical tutorials and visits to different Axon manufacturing sites, mixed with opportunities to meet others and enjoy the regional specialities like champagne and other culinary delights.
20 maj, 2015

Inauguration of new factory

Axon’ has just completed a major investment in a green field production site in Kecskemét, Hungary Inauguration of the new factory building take Place Thursday May 21st. The total factory area is almost 5500 m² and includes 1000 m² of ISO 7 Class clean room. Axon Kábelgyártó Kft is subsidiary of the AXON‘ Group and was founded some 15 years ago inin Kecskemét, Bacs-Kiskún. It is AXON’s European center for the manufacturing and development of flat flexible cables (FFC) and harnesses.