Ger the right wires for box build internal wiring or round multicore cables for I/O solution meeting the electrical, mechanical and environmental demands in your specific application.

Call us and our experienced team – we will help you to choose the right cable. If it does not exist, our expertise is to develop completely new cables.


  • Single wires with solid or multi stranded conductors of OFHC, TPC, SPC and NPC.
  • UL-approved multi core or hybrid with twisted pairs.
  • Insulation materials such as Teflon® PTFE, Silicone, PUR, PVC or PE.
  • Resistant to radiation, chemicals and  temperatures -200°C to +1565°C.
  • Fire resistant and halogen free cables.
  • Data and BUS-cable for Profibus, USB, Spacewire, Ethernet 10GB/s etc.
  • Sterilisable and with ISO10993 approved materials for medical technology.
  • Flexible and with endurance for millions of bending cycles in robotic systems.