21 november, 2018

Thermocouples for sensors

We now offer extended range of thermocouples for sensors and matching extension or compensation cables. Following standards such as IEC 584-3, DIN 43710 and others or custom designed versions for special applications. Available with many conductor possibilities such as K, T, BX, SX (SCA/SCB) and with high temperature insulating materials such as PTFE, FEP or extreme temperature version Axon Vibraflame® for up to +1050°C.
3 oktober, 2018

30 % Weight Saving

Lightweight coaxial Cables manufactured by Axon’ are  with its aluminium conductor, 30 % lighter than the former standards. Designed for cabling of aircraft and helicopters, they exhibit excellent mechanical and electrical performances up to 18 GHz for cable assemblies. Moreover, the dielectric of Celloflon®, expanded PTFE patented by Axon’, provides not only low attenuation but also very good crush resistance (100 daN/100 mm).
10 augusti, 2018

IATF 16949 2016 recertified

Axon factory for FFC, Flat Flexible Cables, has succesfully been recertified to automotive quality management system standard IATF 16949:2016 (previously ISO/TS 16949). In addition many quality assurance tools like Machine Vision Inspection Cameras, as shown in picture, are widely used in this high volume, high quality cable production site.
29 maj, 2018

Ultra-fast connection for Micro D

New range of Micro-D products equipped with the innovative D-Click fast latching system that allows for fast and easy use of Micro-D technology in space-constrained systems where access to the connectors is difficult. Visit us at stand G721, Hall 5A on Eurosatory trade show in Paris June 11-15 to see the connector in action.
19 april, 2018

Axon’ Cable ISO 45001 certified

Axon’ Cable is the very first company ISO 45001 certified by AFNOR Certification and one of the first in the world. This new accreditation is a logical continuation for this company already ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certified. This certification illustrates the Axon’ committed policy in term of Corporate Social Responsibility and improving its employees’ health and safety, reducing occupational accidents and ensuring the best Quality Work Life.
14 mars, 2018

More wire & cable UL styles

We have expanded our UL certification with several new UL styles for wire & cable. With more than 300 styles certified we now offer one of the highest number of recognized styles for single and multicore cables in the industry. In addition we also supply wire & cable with many other certifications like SAE, NEMA, MIL and ESA/ESCC.
16 januari, 2018

Antibacterial cables and overmouldings

For reduced cross contamination and infectious germs when cables and assemblies are used in medical applications, Axon has developed  Nosofree® materials for cable jackets and overmouldings. Axon’ adds silver ions, known for their antimicrobial and anti-fungus properties, into the polymers, to enhance their properties and compliance for safe use in demanding medical environments.    
6 december, 2017

Now more for offshore

We have expanded our range of certified products and custom possibilities for temperature, fire and NEK606 MUD resistant cables like RFOU / BFOU for marine, offshore and oil and gas industry meeting design standards such as IEC-60092-353, NEK TS 606 or IEC 60331-21. Also available as screened versions for enhanced EMI resistance or with insulation of special polymer materials for wider temperature ranges  -200C to +1565C. Many core sizes available and options of Class 6 or better for extra good flexibility.