2 september, 2016

Meet us at E-16 in Odense

From Tuesday september 6th to Thursday september 8th we welcome you to visit us at Elektronikmesse E-16 at Odense Congress Center in Odense, Denmark. You find us in hall C and stand 4248. Register for free admission at www.elektronikmessen.dk. Welcome !
27 juni, 2016

Light, flexible and powerful

37% lighter, greater than IEC Class 6 flexibility and up to 1000 AMP. Axon all new Flexforce LITE® with ultra fine stranded aluminum conductors  has all those interesting features compared to a regular cable for electrical power transmission in military vehicles and other special equipment.  Combine with Axon wide selection of insulation materials and Flexforce LITE®  are resistant to fluids, abrasion and high and low temperatures as well as available in halogen free versions.
7 juni, 2016

Meet us at Eurosatory in Paris

From Monday June 13th to Friday June 17th we welcome you to visit us and Axon at Eurosatory Defence and Security international trade show at Villepinte Exhibition Center, Paris, France. See more and register at www.eurosatory.com
20 maj, 2016

Non-magnetic connectors

The non-magnetic connectors developed by Axon’ Cable have not only a very low residual magnetic field (less than 1 nT – about 50,000 times lower than the earth’s magnetic field), but it is also almost impossible to magnetize them. They cannot, therefore, interfere with the magnetic fields produced by the magnets of medical imaging devices or particle accelerators used by scientists. The residual magnetism of these new connectors is 20 times lower than Axon’s existing range of non-magnetic miniature connectors. Even the Twist Pin contacts which assure a permanent contact are themselves non-magnetic.
2 maj, 2016

Copernicus – Axon links in orbit again !

Two years after the launch of its sibling, Sentinel-1B has joined its twin-satellite Sentinel-1A in orbit, launching off on 25th April 2016 from Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. Both radar satellites are part of the Copernicus system for monitoring the blue planet. Just as with the first satellite of the mission, Axon’ cables are on board Sentinel-1B. Axon’ cable assemblies are part of the backplane of the Integrated Central Electronics (ICE) equipment within the radar and also supplied high speed data cable assemblies for the Laser Communication Terminal. Source: ESA
18 mars, 2016

Axon acquires company Cisal

French Interconnect Group Axon’ Cable SAS has acquired, CISAL SAS, located in the Alsace region of the country. This company is specialized in the manufacture of contacts for automotive connectors and has been renamed Axon’ PinTec SAS. The Axon’ group designs and manufactures innovative electrical interconnects and cable assemblies for severe environments. With this acquisition, the group enlarges its expertise in interconnect and can offer assembled connectors with square or round contacts manufactured with the electrostriction process.
2 februari, 2016

Low Mass SpaceWire now ESA approved

Reducing the mass of all components, parts and equipment is a continuous objective in the space industry. Already involved in a multitude of space projects, Axon’ has now designed a low mass SpaceWire to lighten traditional high speed links. Since recent approval by ESA, the Axon’ Low Mass SpaceWire is the only one qualified to the ESCC3902/004 standard after Axon’ successfully completed development of the cable under ESA funding.
19 januari, 2016

Cables for extra tough requirements

We now offer enlarged range of products insulated with PTFE, ETFE, FEP or polyimide for needs that have extra tough requirements like temperature resistance from -90°C to +260°C, excellent dielectric and aging characteristics, radiation resistance, extreme flexibility etc. Available in different types including single-stranded, multi-stranded, extruded, taped, shielded or jacketed versions, they will meet all the requirements. Contact our sales team to learn more.