14 juni, 2017

Visit Paris Air Show and Axon

Radar, drones, civil aircraft, fighters, satellites, rovers, the list of applications for which Axon’ Cable can provide interconnect solutions is extensive – but all have a common goal: the need for miniature and reliable components.  Paris Air Show represents an excellent opportunity to learn more about Axon’ Cable expertise in the avionics and space markets.  Data transmission, power distribution, weight and space saving, resistance to severe environments, come and discover state of the art solutions showcased by Axon’ on stand C106, hall 2B.
4 maj, 2017

If it sounds good, it is good

We now have extended product range and capabilities in good, high end cables that meet the demands of professional audio in broadcast or recording studios, on stage or for camera and monitor  interconnect. Cables specifically developed to meet demands such as pristine audio quality, durable and flexible long lifetime on stage or in the field or regulatory demands and standards like EN-61034, EN-60331, EN-50575, NEC, CMP, UL or FT-1.
14 mars, 2017

40 Gb/s High Data Rate Links

AXOMACH™ is our range of copper based high data rate interconnects designed for the transmission of up to 40 Gb/s. They are aimed, for example, at the interconnection of high definition imagery sensors in satellites. Made with low loss microwave coaxial cables, they can be terminated with different Axon Micro-D based connectors and offers space savings, low mismatching, low crosstalk and excellent EMC performance.
2 mars, 2017

Kom och träffa oss i Göteborg!

8 till 9 Mars finns vi på plats på Elektronik 17 mässan på Svenska Mässan i Göteborg. Du hittar oss i monter A02:02 där vi gärna pratar och visar kabel i många olika former. Allt från idé och utveckling av extrema specialvarianter till volymleveranser mer allmängiltiga kablar.  Registrera dig på www.easyfairs.com/sv/elektronik-2017/elektronik-2017/ Välkommen!  
19 januari, 2017

ISO 9001:2015 recertified

Amgab was successfully recertified in accordance with the new ISO 9001:2015 on 26 October 2016 by Intertek. With our management system we guarantee the quality that our demanding customers and others expect from us. The new certificate is now available for download on the website or contacts us and we will send a copy.
1 december, 2016

Flexlife >50 million cycles

FFC flat flexible cables for board to board or display interconnect have many well known advantages such as low-cost, space saving and easy assembly to ZIF connectors. Great flexlife for dynamic application with many repeated movements is also one of them. New test show that ultra-flexible FFC cables made by Axon’ which can withstand at least 50 million of cycles. Picture: Flex-life test of FFC cables
10 november, 2016

Nano-D MIL-DTL-32139 qualified

Axon’ Nano-D connectors are now officially qualified to MIL-DTL-32139. This standard dictates the design and performance for miniature Nano-D connectors. The QPL certified Nano-D pigtails are manufactured with AWG 30 or smaller wires. With 0.635 mm (.025″) contact spacing and Axon high realiability Twist-Pin contact these products are specially designed for defense and aeronautics applications but suitable for any application were miniaturisation combined with high performance is essential.
30 september, 2016

Radiation resistance – new tests up to 7 Grad

Insulating polymer materials on cables will degrade due to exposure to radiation sources including protons (alpha), electrons (beta), photons (gamma, X-rays) and even neutron particles. AXON’ has long experience in proposing and manufacturing the most suitable radiation resistant cable solutions for any environment. The cables are made with insulation materials such as ETFE (LOCA and IEEE 383 approved) , Polyimides, Polyaryletherketones and crosslinked polyolefines. See the new Axorad® catalogue for example of products and the new IEC 60544 test based polymer radiation resistance chart for both standard atmosphere and inert atmosphere (vaccum,nitrogen).